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Short Story

Jeanée Ledoux has been editing and writing lifestyle content since 1999. Thanks to copyediting and proofreading hundreds of nonfiction books, she can dispense advice on baking a chewy chocolate chip cookie and squirrel-proofing a veggie patch. She contributes stories about design, the arts, travel, and more to national and regional publications. She published her own craft title aimed at young renters, Abode à la Mode: 44 Projects for Hip Home Decor, with Sterling in 2005. She’s honed digital content skills too, like photo editing, WordPress blogging, and social media marketing.


Long Story

She’s a natural-born word nerd from Opelousas, Louisiana. Her mom taught high school English, and her older sister writes fiction. In 1999 Jeanée earned a BA in English from Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, then moved to North Adams, Mass., for her first publishing job. As an assistant editor at Storey Books, she shaped nonfiction manuscripts, managed authors, and styled herbal potions for photo shoots. That job married her passions for communications and crafts, so she might have stayed forever if it weren’t for the winters.

In 2001 she returned to sun-baked Atlanta to start a freelance editing business, called Afterword at the time. She copyedits and proofreads for companies such as UGA Press, Meredith Corporation (Better Homes and Gardens books), Lark, Rodale, and UPS. While marking up manuscripts satisfies her technical side, Jeanée also craves self-expression, so she contributes lifestyle stories to magazines such as Travel & LeisureDwell, DominoAtlanta, and Uppercase. She writes branded content, too, for clients such as the Atlanta Design Festival and Loblolly mattress company.

Jeanée developed artsy prints for extra cash during the salad days of freelancing. While loading film in the darkroom one night, she literally collided with her future husband, Andrea Fremiotti, a talented photographer. They got hitched on a farm in 2005, then bought a tiny ranch with a big yard for their blue tick hound and the world’s sweetest retriever mix. (Their quirky house is a 1949 steel, prefab kit called a Lustron; she writes about it in her journal.) To the dogs’ confusion, the family regularly piles in the car and drives to Brooklyn, where Andrea owns a digital production studio.

Jeanée has tried many creative outlets over the years, such as designing craft projects for a book and DVD, making jewelry, blogging, prop styling, and curating a Finely Crafted shop filled with handmade gifts by 40 artists. Those incessant side gigs gave her the skills of a 21st-century content creator: concepting, basic graphic design, image composition, Photoshop, WordPress, and social media marketing.

A common thread weaves throughout Jeanée’s career:  Her favorite projects involve passionate, creative people and the unique things they make. Occasionally she’s lucky enough to spend the day with someone like Graham Keegan, an LA textile designer who forages plants for color. On a profile assignment for Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, she helped him pick Peruvian pepper on Sunset Boulevard, then they dyed a polka-dot scarf with the leaves.


    I’m a repository of random information. Thanks to editing and proofreading nonfiction books like these since 1999, I can dispense facts on squirrel-proofing a garden, baking a chewy chocolate chip cookie, and mixing herbal remedies—in addition to grammar and style. It all started with an assistant editor position at Storey Publishing, which married my passions for crafts and communication.


    I write home tours for shelter magazines like Dwell. For this article, I interviewed architect Staffan Svenson about the flight-inspired home he designed for an airline executive and his family in Atlanta. Image by Raftermen Photography.



    I wrote an essay for Atomic Ranch about the vintage-modern design of our living and dining rooms, illustrated with photos by my husband, Andrea Fremiotti. I reflected on the unique challenges of decorating a steel, prefabricated Lustron home.


    From 2012 to 2014, I owned the Finely Crafted mini boutique inside midtown Atlanta’s Paris on Ponce design market. I curated handmade goods in a modern style from about 40 makers, and I co-designed several exclusive products. The remaining inventory is still available online.


    The American Craft Council publishes one of my favorite magazines, American Craft. So I was honored when the staff invited me to pick the winners of their spring 2014 retail show in Atlanta. Here I am presenting an award to innovative jewelry designer Brandon Holschuh. Photo by Elizabeth Ryan of the ACC.



    In 2013 I recruited four artists in different media to help me design unique, modern products for the Finely Crafted boutique. Here’s a photo of me and Leah Duncan, one of my favorite illustrators, checking the color on our succulent prints.

  • I’ve always hungered for good design, no matter how small my budget or living space. When my college roommates were tacking up movie posters and street signs, I was sewing curtains and painting modern art on the closets. In 2005 I gathered my cheap chic ideas in Abode à la Mode: 44 Projects for Hip Home Décor, published by Sterling.

  • In 2009 I collaborated with my pal Garth Johnson and Eyekiss Films on the instructional DVD Re-Construct: Eco-Friendly Crafts Made Easy. I designed and demonstrated 11 home decor projects that gave new life to humble materials like cardboard, old appliances, and eggshells. Garth, the creator of the Extreme Craft blog, infused the demos with his snarky humor and passion for DIY.



    From 2006 to 2011, I co-designed vintage-meets-modern Honeydoux jewelry with my sister Suzanne. Our upcycled glass button rings were chosen for the cover of the book 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse, by Garth Johnson.




    When I’m not pecking on a laptop, you might find me playing fetch with my dogs, doing yoga, volunteering at a craft show, flipping through a shelter magazine, hosting Project Runway night, or shaking a cocktail.

5 Reasons to Hire Jeanée:

Jeanée styled this modern mountain cabin for a story in Atlanta’s Home magazine. Photo by Andrea Fremiotti

Clear communication. Thanks to a background in developing DIY projects, she uses pithy language that delivers valuable information to readers–no verbal strutting.

Time management. She plans obsessively and usually exceeds deadlines.

Digital chops. She has experience with Photoshop, WordPress blogging, and writing engaging social media posts.

Photo connections. She’s married to a photographer, Andrea Fremiotti, which means clients can reduce travel expenses and coordination time by hiring them as a team.

Good style. She’s a skilled concept creator and photo stylist, so she can help make beautiful images for stories. See samples here.

Jeanée styled this modern mountain cabin for a story in Atlanta’s Home magazine. Photo by Andrea Fremiotti

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