vintage trend: bed jackets as cover-ups

Kimonos as cover-ups are hot in Atlanta! Round-up by Finely Crafted
Kimono-clad ladies spotted at Atlanta’s Indie Craft Experience. Left and center photos by me; right photo by Madeline Burdine.

During Atlanta’s sizzling summer, it would be masochistic to add layers made from anything BUT the filmiest fabric. So the local ladies are donning silk and rayon bed jackets for lightweight arm coverage at craft markets and music festivals.

The floral patterns, fringe, and billowing sleeves bring boudoir romance–or bohemian mystery, depending on the styling–to casual street clothes. Those kinds of contrasts always excite me but seem elusive when I’m dressing myself. The delicious pairing of a long robe with short cutoffs looks so fail-proof that I just might try it. Here’s a smattering of vintage bed jackets on Etsy. Which one could kiss your shoulders this season?

Vintage coral kimono by Tumbling Dice Vintage

Vintage kimono by Shop Twitch Vintage

Red floral kimono by Three Bird Nest

Vintage purple kimono by Dee Vogel

Vintage mint kimono by Wonderland Revival

Buying info from top to bottom: Tumbling Dice Vintage // Shop Twitch Vintage // Three Bird Nest // Dee Vogel // Wonderland Revival

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