I’m taking off in a new direction!


After nearly two years of my retail experiment, I’ve decided to close the brick-and-mortar Finely Crafted shop by July 31. Having a space at Paris on Ponce has had so many positive impacts on my life, including introducing me to many of you, so this decision is crazy complicated. I love researching and buying handmade, vintage, and midcentury-inspired products. I relish the excuse to reach out to cool makers and fellow shop owners. I love having work friends, a luxury for someone accustomed to crafting and writing at home. I love that I’ve had crash courses in visual merchandising and graphic design. My easily wilted ego has been juiced up by the enthusiastic response from customers and bloggers. And best of all, having a store opened up the exciting path of artist collaborations and original product designs, which I feel is a big piece of my future.

With all those upsides, why close? In a nutshell, having a store (albeit a tiny one) feels so big and unwieldy that I can’t keep the rest of my life in balance. My retail business has brought me some amazing things, but it’s also a fantastic source of stress! I find it hard to do this work well and also cook, exercise, rest, travel, and spend time with my favorite people and animals. I think everyone can relate to that out-of-whack feeling, and I hope you’ll understand why I have to pull back, and that you’ll view it as a positive step.

My new mission is to do fewer things, better. I want to go steady again with my first love, writing. I’m going to put more energy into making my blog inspiring, unique, and community oriented. I’ll also continue to develop original products tied in to the atomic lifestyle I adore. You’ll see new collaborations from me by the fall, and I hope to sell my goodies at the best craft markets and gift boutiques around the country. So this is not an ending, but a relaunch!

All right, all right, enough heart spilling! Let’s talk about sale prices! Many items are already discounted, and my red pen will continue its slashing over the next few weeks. If there’s something you’ve been eyeing, or you’re clever enough to keep a well-stocked present closet, please visit my spot at Paris on Ponce or online. The last thing I want to do is pay to store my inventory, so I need your support more than ever. You’ll get cool stuff, I’ll lighten my load, and we’ll all be happy little earthlings!

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  1. Thanks so much, Kris! Just looked at your Etsy store — my oh my, what wonderful ceramics and glassware! I’ll be keeping an eye on you, too.

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