thrifty lately: starburst enamel bracelet

Jeanee Ledoux blogger vintage fashion Lustron porch enamel bracelet

Monday evening, as we admired the last sunbeams dancing on the porch, Andrea snapped pictures of me wearing my newest vintage treasure. It’s an enamel bracelet with two of my absolute favorite assets: starbursts and the color turquoise. This midcentury piece was a steal from Antique Factory in Chamblee, Georgia (one of the spots on my best vintage shops of Atlanta print).

I was fancied up because we’d just finished a portrait session with Ohio photographer Chuck Mintz, who’s traveling the country to capture Lustron owners with his antique wooden camera. He’s fascinated by the diverse people living in identical prefab houses and hopes to put us all in a book one day. Fingers crossed that Chuck got at least one shot of me with my eyes open. His exposures were a second long, and I’m a notorious blinker!

Vintage enamel starburst bracelet vintage fashion

What I love about postwar enamel jewelry is that it often has geometric and abstract patterns reminiscent of the era’s modern paintings. A Josef Albers original oil is out of my reach, but a $35 bracelet I can handle! Want to find your own wrist art? Price varies a lot, depending on whether the piece is signed and the type of metal (usually copper or silver). Here are some of my favorites on Etsy!

Vintage enamel bracelets vintage fashion


Product info from top to bottom:

Black and gray Scandinavian bracelet from Carina’s Fantasy Jewels // Cobalt splatter enamel over sterling silver from 20th Obsession // Green Egyptian Revival bracelet from Jaguara77 // Maroon splatter bracelet and earrings from Artful Oldies // Balazs blue diamond pattern bracelet from 20th Obsession

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  1. You look so lovely! Your post makes me want wrist art even though I didn’t know I wanted it before. Delicious writing and to the point. Love it.

  2. Thanks, Karen! I only see you in workout clothes these days, so it would be fun to catch you decked out in wrist art!

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