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daily to-do notes inspire, not overwhelm

Small mission accomplished! Daily to-do notes are making my long list of home improvements feel manageable. Read on to print your own!

If you’re like me, your 2015 “clean slate” rapidly became scrawled with a to-do list. In the calm that followed our holiday travel, Andrea and I decided to tackle some home projects. Trouble is, that quiet time in early January became stressful as I imagined ALL the improvements our Lustron needs. The more I thought about my punch list, the more it sprawled (get better kitchen lighting, clean out the closets, shape the topiary pine, find the perfect fireplace, and on and on).

Just as DIY paralysis was creeping in, I remembered some advice from a former teacher. Knowing that long to-do lists are overwhelming — and often lead this gal to plant her head in the sand — she told me to focus on a single task each day. Do one thing today to move yourself forward, I recalled her saying, even if it’s as small as returning an e-mail you’ve been putting off. I decided to break my epic home enhancement list into single servings too, designing kitschy notes to announce the day’s chosen task. It was a fun project that tightened my grip on Photoshop drawing, and . . . it’s working! Here’s a sample of back burner projects we wrapped this month:

Setting daily DIY goals has helped us tackle lots of home projects this year without getting overwhelmed.

Want to check off some boxes of your own? Follow me after the jump to print sheets of to-do notes with midcentury style!

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creative decorating with books

My Lustron is low on book storage, so I’ve always had a “keep only what we’re going to read or reference” rule. Buying vintage books for looks has been banned . . . until now. I started with a couple on the built-in shelves in the living room a few weeks ago, and I got the fever. I love the colors, textures, and even smells of the old books mixed into our “real” stacks. Those bumpy caramel and aqua linens just look so good with my modish decor!

vintage books and modern decor

vintage books and modern decor

I have books all over the house, posing as step pyramids and platforms for displaying small objects. If my vintage book habit grows, I’ll have to come up with more creative storage solutions. I’ll show you some of my favorite ideas after the jump.

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