Sharing Guidelines

The internet connects us all and makes sharing easy and instantaneous. I love this new community playground, but it sometimes feels like the Wild West! Surly comments are typed with abandon, and photos are snatched and reposted without credit. I’m no web ethics expert—we’re all co-creating the standards as we go—but I do want to share some guidelines for thoughtfully using Finely Crafted and other online resources.

  • Remember that bloggers, online shop owners, fellow commenters, etc. are real people. When you join a conversation or leave feedback, don’t write anything you wouldn’t say in person.
  • You can repost original Finely Crafted images, along with credit and a link, to bring positive attention to my business (e.g., pinning a recipe photo on a Pinterest board). For any other uses, please ask me.
  • Before you screen-grab and share a blog image, make sure you know the creator so you can give proper credit. If there’s no caption, look for a statement in the post such as “all photos were taken by me,” or “photos courtesy of XYZ.”
  • If you spot an image on my site that I’ve used without proper permission or credit, please send me a note.

That’s it! Have fun, be nice, and pause for contemplation whenever you feel a Wild West impulse galloping toward your keyboard.

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