LACMA showcases stanley kubrick’s modernism

I shared highlights of my day at Los Angeles County Museum of Art with you here. But–sneaky me–I reserved a special morsel till now: the Stanley Kubrick exhibit. On display through June 30, this multimedia look at the late director’s career features film clips, movie posters, original costumes and props, production photos, story boards, and much more. While Andrea hovered mesmerized over a backlit display of movie lenses (my husband’s a gearhead), I did inner cartwheels over the modern furnishings and props from 2001: A Space Odyssey. I last saw the movie in college, and my strongest memories are of HAL 9000, the eerily soft-spoken computer that undermines the mission. I’m excited to watch 2001 again, primed to spot organic seating, Danish flatware, and futuristic timepieces.

The Djinn loveseat and chair, designed by Olivier Mourgue in 1965, are better known as “2001 chairs” because of their prominent appearance in the film.
Production photo of the space hotel, where scarlet Djinn chairs and loveseats provide the only pops of color.
The Discovery I astronauts dine in style with Arne Jacobsen’s minimal flatware.
Kubrick commissioned Hamilton to design substantial-but-sleek watch props for the 2001 flight crew.