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I’m no gamer, yet this morning I found myself watching the trailers for Fallout 4 on a loop and snapping screen shots. Why the sudden interest in virtual combat, you ask? I noticed on TV commercials that the latest creation by Bethesda Game Studios, launching Nov. 11, prominently features Lustrons and Lustron-inspired homes in its landscape. Since players’ mission is to shape the fate of a world destroyed by nuclear war, it snaps into place that the designers were inspired by prefabricated homes like mine, manufactured just after World War II.

fallout1fallout3The boxy, steel homes and their midcentury advertisements ooze optimism, normalcy, and domestic peace. So it makes sense that Lustrons are powerful symbols in an animated wasteland. You can watch the Fallout 4 trailers here and catch up on posts about my own Lustron here.

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  1. So cool! I like that you get to go inside of them. Though I guess the point of the game isn’t a nostalgic home tour. BUT IT SHOULD BE.

  2. Becky, I’d definitely buy a game that’s just home tours! The current “game” I play, Zillow, could use some input from talented animators.

  3. Ok, I am a gamer and a HUGE fan of Fallout. Huge. I watched that trailer the day it was released. Fans have been waiting years for some sort of sign of the new game and there it was! The light at the end of the tunnel! Excitement and joy!

    I am also a Lustron owner.

    I didn’t even notice the houses.

    I just saw a still shot from the trailer and realized what I was seeing. Wow. I’m going to watch the trailer like 60 times today, just to see them. I googled “Fallout 4 Lustron” to see if anyone else had noticed and you were the first page that came up. 😀

  4. I’ve watched that trailer at least 25 times now. Those windows and pocket doors! And the kitchen has square panels while the rest are vertical! Someone knew what they were doing when they designed that trailer.

    Mine is in Terre Haute, IN. It is far from original. The interior walls (and built-ins) were demo’ed and dry-walled. However, the ceiling, roof, windows, and exterior panels remain intact. Someone painted the exterior a dark brown, but at least they left it alone otherwise. I even have an official Lustron garage! There’s another one right around the corner from mine that is blue and has an original interior. I believe mine used to be tan.

    I just found and added you on FB if you want to take a look at some pictures of mine. Most of the pictures are from the listing when I bought it. I didn’t get it decorated all that well before I ended up renting it out, but I’m going to hopefully move back there in the next year.

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