meet the maker: artist leah giberson


Leah Giberson’s limited-edition prints are now 40% off in my online shop! Her paintings encapsulate a few of my favorite things: midcentury style, desert landscapes, and a connection to my own timeline. The ranch houses and campout scenes she paints are like snapshots from my Louisiana youth. I interviewed her last week to find out why the modest trappings of the middle class inspire her work. Read on for an in-depth profile.

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charlotte smith’s modern cup collaboration


Modern Atlanta is collaborating with three local artisans on limited-edition products as part of its annual Design Is Human celebration. One chosen maker, emerging ceramist Charlotte Smith, has married delicate porcelain and sturdy steel in a sculptural two-piece cup. After the jump, I’ll tell you about her step-by-step process and the DIY family tradition that fertilized her craft.

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how to update vintage sunglasses

Read my tips for protecting your peepers in vintage style. It’s what Jayne and Joan would want!

That cabinet lined with old sunglasses at the thrift shop is like a candy counter for vintage fashion lovers like me. But I wouldn’t risk wearing those $10 Jackie O frames right away — they may not offer UV protection. Eye care is serious, and I’ve learned first-hand that updating vintage frames with radiation-blocking lenses can be a serious hassle and expense! Read on for my guide to safely and affordably updating your sunnies before pool party season.

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crafty lately: styling andrea’s art prints

Bonneville salt flats photos by Andrea Fremiotti
I love this pair shot on the salt flats in Bonneville, Utah.

Spring feels like the perfect time to take stock of your career and hatch new plans, right? Here at the Lustron, Andrea and I have been busy trying to better combine our talents to boost each other’s business. I’ve always helped with his photography studio’s communications and marketing, but I decided to tackle a new role for him: fine art pusher. I’ve been styling his personal work for product photos around our house, building an online store, and reaching out to galleries. Andrea gravitates toward geometric and abstract forms in nature, so our midcentury furnishings make good companions. Carry on for more photos!

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my first article for dwell

The Sarvis residence designed by Dencity. Photo by Raftermen Photography.

Dwell, my favorite shelter magazine, just published about 200 words by yours truly on its blog. I covered a wing-roofed Atlanta home with cantilevered sections that appears ready for flight. You can read the article and see six more photos here. Also, I toured the home in 2013 as part of Modern Atlanta and posted a roundup of my favorite design moments here.

As my time continues to shake loose from retail concerns, I’m relishing the chance to write seriously again. Having my first comeback in Dwell after a literary dormancy feels like closing a circle, because my old roommate PJ gave me my first copy of Dwell when I was writing a craft book in 2002. The modern interiors gave me a direction for Abode a la Mode’s “cheap chic” projects, and the magazine has been shaping my personal aesthetic ever since. I’m proud to be a part of it and will keep you posted on future articles!