dear home: master bedroom makeover

master bedroom with gray bedding

I finally finished my bedroom’s facelift last week! As often happens with dramatic overhauls, it started with one piece. Over the summer I had the succulent poster I co-designed with Leah Duncan framed to hang over my bedside table. Problem was, the color palette wasn’t jiving with anything else in the room. We were overdue for new bedding and accessories anyway, so I did a revamp using black, white, gray, and pops of yellow and turquoise.

Succulent poster designed by Finely Crafted and Leah Duncan

Below is my side of the bed. We already had the Heywood-Wakefield furniture and vintage ceramic lamp. I’d been wanting a tray so I can set down my earrings, ponytail holder, etc. before I hit the pillow. I styled it with a mini blush planter by Sea & Asters and brought over a Kostick bronze star sculpture from the living room. Geometric patterns to contrast with the botanical art were a must, and I was lucky to receive this complimentary Pendleton wool lumbar pillow from Robin Cottage! The gray braided duvet cover and shams are from West Elm, and the yellow Sketch Grid pillowcases are Room Essentials from Target.

Modern bedside table

Below is Andrea’s turf. The two bedsides used to be mirror images, so I wanted to play with asymmetry by giving him an art cluster and a different lamp. The bird print is his own photograph, hung with gold gem magnets by Lynn Lunger (aka Una Odd). When I told Lynn that we always need cute magnets for our Lustron’s metal walls, she added a couple freebies to my order! The Minerals print at top right is by Happy Red Fish, and The Last Summer is a painting reproduction by Kiki and Polly. The hanging planter is by Cathy Terepocki, whose ceramic jewelry I carry in my shop.

Modern bedside table with art cluster

Art cluster

Turquoise and black ceramic planter with succulents

see my revised vanity, an amazing navajo rug, and other photos after the jump!

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a new landscape for the Lustron

Landscaping at Lustron home; photo by finelycrafted.netFor nine years, our Lustron has needed curb appeal like leafy greens need ranch. Last month we worked with Plants Creative Landscapes here in Decatur to finally put some “ranch dressing” on our bland front yard!

Lustron home before landscape makeover; photo by
Scraggly gardenias were hiding the porch, and the linear layout didn’t complement our boxy home.
Landscaping at Lustron home; photo by
Curvy beds, sculptural plants, and boulders bring SoCal style!

Since the bones of our ’49 prefab are slick and boxy, we created softness with three curvy beds. Taking inspiration from all those modern landscapes I’ve been ogling on trips to Southern California, I picked a topiary pine, a blue agave, and boulders as my must-have focal points. We filled out the beds with shrubs for year-round color (wintergreen boxwood, variegated yucca, gold mop false cypress), sculptural perennials (variegated iris, autumn ferns), vivid grasses (blue fescue, dwarf acorus, silver liriope), and cascaders for the retaining wall (chartreuse creeping jenny, blue-flowered phlox). Black bark mulch makes everything pop!

Lustron landscaping; photo by

Blue agave; Lustron landscaping; photo by

Lustron landscaping; boulder garden; pom pom pine; photo by

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spice trader tea cocktail recipe

Spice Trader Tea cocktail by

On October 9 I’m selling a small sample of handmade goods from my online shop at the Indie Craft Experience’s Curated Evening (one of six at our Atlanta studio this fall). I also volunteered to create a free cocktail to complement the warming ginger and honey notes of the sponsored liquor, Cayrum. It got me thinking about the tea and spice trade, which for centuries has connected diverse people and circulated exotic flavors around the world. My Spice Trader Tea adds a dash of the Far East and a twist of the Caribbean to southerners’ favorite drink. Mix it up at least two days before serving to let the orange peels release their oils. Here are directions for 1 gallon:

1 gallon purified or spring water
15 bags Earl Grey tea
1 tbsp green cardamom pods
1 cup organic cane sugar
2 inches fresh ginger, peeled and sliced
2 navel oranges
Fresh mint (optional)

1. Put aside 1 cup of the water. Pour the remaining water in a large pot and bring to a boil. Turn off the heat and add the tea bags, steeping from 4 to 5 minutes.

2. Put the cardamom pods in a saucepan and toast them over low heat. The pods should become fragrant but not darken.

3. Add the reserved cup of water, the sugar, and the ginger into the saucepan with the pods. Simmer and stir for a few minutes to dissolve the sugar, then turn off heat and let infuse for 20 minutes. Strain the syrup into the tea.

4. Use a vegetable peeler to remove one orange’s peel in a spiral (avoiding the pith), then add peel to tea. Reserve the second orange to slice as garnish. Refrigerate tea at least two days before serving, for maximum orange flavor.

5. Serve over ice with a shot of Cayrum, an orange slice, and a sprig of mint, if desired.

If you’re in Atlanta, I hope you’ll come out Thursday to try my cocktail and do some early holiday shopping from Finely Crafted and other local vendors!

1390 McLendon Ave // Atlanta 30307 // 7 to 10 pm // details on

bedroom makeover sneak peek

Jeanee Ledoux bedroom sneak peek

Our master bedroom has been the same for about eight years, which for me is like a lifetime! Taking inspiration from the succulent poster I collaborated on with Leah Duncan, I’m finally making some changes. The new color scheme is a calming black, white, and gray with pops of color and metallic gold. I robbed the home office a bit for some vintage art and ceramics, and I’ve been gathering up new accessories made by independent artists, such as this geometric wool pillow c/o Robin Cottage. I’ll have a full reveal for you soon!

shop spy: Hotel de Ville in Los Angeles

Hotel de Ville on Best Vintage Shops map by Finely Crafted
Hotel de Ville is one of 30 LA picks on my Best Vintage Shops art print, available in my online store.

It’s amazing how many looks can be achieved with two lenses and a frame. Like our clothing, shoes, and hairstyles, eyewear evolves radically with the times. Independent optical company Hotel de Ville is dedicated to preserving vintage glasses and designing new silhouettes that salute memorable moments in fashion, and that’s why it’s no. 16 on my Los Angeles Best Vintage Shops art print.

Hotel de Ville
Photo via Hotel de Ville.

Whereas a chain optical store may turn away vintage glasses or ask you to waive its responsibility for any damage, Hotel de Ville specializes in old specs. Its services include mending broken frames, making Rx lenses, adding tint and mirror coatings, and even creating one-of-a-kind glasses for the fashion and entertainment industries. It also has its own brand of vintage-inspired frames, like these:

Hollywood Boulevard and Newmar, two original frame designs by Hotel de Ville.

I’m inspired by the way HdV employees use their blog and Instagram feed not just for self-promotion, but as a visual record of remarkable eyewear. They post mainly historical images of musicians, actors, models, and even comic characters who, even if I don’t recognize them, tell me something about their era and story through their shades. This may be just a clever sales strategy, but to me it feels personal, as if true fans are swooning along with me over Twiggy’s avant garde glasses.

Photos via Hotel de Ville's Instagram feed.
Photos via Hotel de Ville’s Instagram feed and blog.

I was in LA last week for Andrea’s work, so I popped into the Beverly Boulevard boutique to snap a few photos and get my Tura cat-eye glasses adjusted. They’ve been sliding down my nose all summer–the blazing Atlanta heat must have warped the aluminum!

Jeanee Ledoux in vintage Tura sunglasses
My 1960s Tura shades are a snug fit again thanks to Hotel de Ville.

Salesperson Sylvia made a quick frame adjustment at no charge–and that was before I told her my plan to write about the store! While she coaxed my shades back into a head-hugging pose, I admired the small but glamorous showroom that evokes both an antique apothecary and a starlet’s dressing table. Follow me after the jump for photos of the interior and inventory!

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